Book Club

written by: Hope Hartman

The Story

BOOK CLUB takes viewers on an emotional and personal journey through the lives of eight American women, bonded by a book club formed nearly seventy years ago. At a time when social standards prohibited married women from continuing their careers, a group of women decided to read books and then meet for discussions to keep up with what was going on in the world.  It was a relief for them to get out of the house, and the club became their saving grace to share their daily lives with one other.

What they didn’t anticipate, were the poignant words of the authors uniting them not only for monthly gatherings, but binding them together for a closeness that would last a lifetime.

Through the book club they were able to share intimacies, accomplishments and sorrows.  They didn’t always agree, but above all else they remained friends.

A story about eight individuals.  A story about the human spirit.  A story about one group of women connected through work, war, love, loss, birth and death, who have shared life’s journey bonded by a little BOOK CLUB.

“In the end it didn’t make any difference whether they agreed with me or not; they were my friends.”

“It was really the support group of my life.”